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The KIDS are our focus!!!!



At Valentis Athletica Soccer Club (VASC) we are committed to creating an environment where our Club members can develop these qualities and experience all the joy that soccer has to offer them. The coaching staff for this program consists of independent (non-parent), professional, nationally licensed coaches.  VASC emphasizes the importance of responsibility and independence in the player. The hope is that this will lead to greater maturity in the player so that they will develop more ownership of their actions, decision-making and self-control. 



Develop individuals to their fullest potential as complete soccer players and dedicated student athletes through a focused curriculum.



Passion, Dedication, Fun and Enjoyment, Hard Work, Respect, and Team Spirit to develop a true club atmosphere.  Basically, We are a family!



We focus on balance: The Person and The Player.

  • We develop the player through the game of soccer.

  • We place a player in a fun and enjoyable, competitive environment where they will be challenged to make their own decisions with qualified coaches guiding them.



By participating with VASC the player makes better decisions on the field, which leads them to make better decisions in life.



While we demand that our players strive to be the best every time they take the field for training or a game, winning is NOT the primary objective for the Club coaching staff. Our primary objective is centered around, and driven by, our goal of developing individual high-level players in a competitive, enjoyable environment. To achieve this objective, we must allow players to make mistakes even if we lose games in doing so. This is the only way the coaching staff can analyze those mistakes, help our players correct them, and ask them to try again the next time. In short, if our players are not allowed to make mistakes then they are not allowed to develop. We believe that winning games will ultimately be a byproduct of our ability to develop well-rounded soccer players. Therefore, winning every game is not our primary objective and will NOT be how we measure our success.

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